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Kill la Kill saves Anime

February 09, 2015

Yes, that jokes has been used plenty of times to describe Kill la Kill. But, is it the anime that will save anime?

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Review: Akumajo Dracula (Castlevania Chronicles) for the Playstation

February 06, 2015

Akumajo Dracula (or Castlevania Chronicles) for the Playstation is a 2001 re-release of a Castlevania game that came out on the Sharp X68000 PC in 1993. I am a huge Castlevania fan so I actually bought...
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Review: White Light by Superfly

February 03, 2015

“White Light” is a song by Japanese rock act Superfly under the Warner Music Japan label. Originally a duo, Superfly now consists of lyricist and vocalist Shiho Ochi, with former guitarist Koichi Tabo...
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Psycho-Pass: A Retrospective

January 20, 2015

With the release of Psycho-Pass: The Movie to theaters in Japan on January 9, I wanted to take a look back to the series as a whole. Note that there will be spoilers ahead of this point...
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